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stamp Every one or every home must have at one time or another lost something so valuable to them. Imagine some few minutes after losing your valuable property someone else will find it. The paining part of it all is that in most cases the finders are always willing to get the item back to you but there is no avenue of doing that.

Impelled by the spirit of innovation, Lost and Found Documents Centre, a public firm plays the role of linking the looser of an item with the finder of the same to reduce the high cost of recovering and reproducing these lost items in terms of time and financial resources both by the Government, companies and individuals. There is no accurate data on exact number of lost and/or found documents but it is estimated that hundreds of thousands are lost daily.

We take into consideration the importance of effective and speedy recovery of the lost items and a full-proof verification procedures carried out to ensure that the found item is returned to the rightful owner...Read More
Who we are:
Lost and Found Documents Centre is a fully incorporated local firm dedicated to the effective and efficient recovery of lost documents and other properties within the shortest time possible. We are committed to setting and maintaining ethical and effective standards in the dynamic recovery of lost documents and other properties, through our service team, promotional activities, partnership development, central archival and database.

To provide innovative business values and optimized documents recovery solutions.
To be a one stop documents recovery centre.
Core Values:
Our values determine how we treat people, clients, and partners/agents...

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Our recovery process is as simple as A,B and C. We have put in place simple system to ensure that we easily trace and get back your lost item as quickly as we can. With our wider network, enhanced and effective reporting system together with our agents offices spread all over Kenya as well as in our neighboring countries, we can only assure you of one thing we will get back your lost item.
Lost Item: When you lose your property, please report it to us immediately by sending an SMS to 3532. Key in the following in your phone (Lost, followed by the name of the Item lost, then Serial Number of the Item or ID No or Passport No, followed by Town where Item was lost) and send it to 3532 (NB-Separate with commas (,) just as illustrated above). You can also report it through our website, phone line, e-mail or visit any of our agent offices close to you. Please remember to provide the accurate description of the lost item, the place it was lost and your full contacts.Read More
There are alot of questions people might ask themselves about the lost and found recovery system or just about the lost and found documents centre. We have answered several Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs) to help you understand our operations better. Please feel free to contact us through our contact page if you still have issues you want to be clarified.

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions;

Do you charge for the services you offer?
YES: You will be charged a little fee depending on the item lost. This fee will be used for the search logistics.

Is my found Item safe in you centre?
YES: Your found item will be kept safely in our custody until the day you will come for it. All recovered items are treated with privacy and confidentiality. All our staff and agents are trained on ethics of handling clients' items...Read More
Lost and Found Documents Centre will like to welcome any comments from you. Please feel much welcomed to drop us your comments through our contact page.

Here are some comments from our clients;

Ooh my God, it worked….I can’t still believe that I got back my lost wallet. I lost my wallet in a Nakuru restaurant while doing promotions. The wallet was containing my ATM cards, Job ID Card, Cash and important cash receipts.
I was advised to call Lost and Found Documents Centre, which I did. I gave out all my details and to my sweet surprise after the fifth day of waiting I was called to go and pick my wallet. I was even surprised to get the cash back all these at a small fee!! Thank you guys keep up the good work.

Fredrick Oyango – Nyahururu, Kenya...Read More

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